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Consulting Clients Relations

After more than 7 years having developed advanced web applications for our customers and partners, we have put in place robust and efficient methods, tools and technical concepts in terms of development and project management that we share. We are passionate peoples, therefore, our dearest wish is to share this passion not only through our work but also by sharing our knowledge with the community

We bring your projects to a new dimension in terms of consistency and maintainability, by using tools such as Continuous Integration, deployment methods and database migrations. We support you through your technical and technological choices with a sole purpose: create added value.

We share every weeks technical and development resources on our web site and we publish every weeks, technical articles on our blog.


You can improve your Symfony2 and Web Development knowledge with our accredited trainers. We propose a complete, dedicated and progressive training program to ensure a continuous training for your development teams to the latest development and project management methods.

We adapt our training program to fit in your needs and requirements, its main topics are the following:

  • Introduction to Symfony2 (3days)
  • Improvement to Symfony2 (3days)
  • Advanced Development with Symfony2 (3days)
  • Doctrine2 ORM (3days)
  • Introduction to UCS (3days)
  • Improvement to UCS (3days)
  • Advanced Web Development with UCS (3days)
  • CSS3 and HTML5 (3days)
  • The use of Responsive Design (3days)
  • Introduction to Javascript and jQuery (3days)
  • Improvement to Javascript and jQuery (3days)
  • Advanced Web Development with Javascript and jQuery (3days)