Mobile Applications
User eXperience (UX) on all devices

Put your applications on all devices

Our experienced development team has the required knowledge to develop your mobile applications that can connect with your web applications. We are used to work with authentication protocols such as oAuth used by Google, FaceBook and Twitter. Moreover, all our applications are designed to expose their data for mobile and other devices accessibility. We can develop your mobile applications either in a native way (Android SDK, iOS SDK) or in an hybrid way using frameworks like Titanium or PhoneGap.

In addition, we help you to publish your applications on their targeted networks such as Google Play (ex Android Market) and AppleStore for iOS applications.

Responsive Design

All our website are writen with «Responsive» themes. Browsers, automatically adapt the layout to the type of device the user has. Thus, all our applications are natively compatible with smart phones and tablets without any additional investment.

Our design team develops and integrates your visual identity on the basis of «Twitter Bootstrap» one of the well known css frameworks. This ensure your application to be compatible on all recent browsers(Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer...)