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A dedicated team to respond to your needs

Our expert team works hand in hand with you, because we believe that your project's architecture and technological choices are very important to ensure its long term success.

We help you to chose the most suitable and recent technologies from the development point of view to the project management point of view with a sole purpose: optimize your development times and reduce your time to market.

As we know that maintenance is always the hardest to achieve, we like to work with you in the long run. This ensure an efficient and optimal life cycle management for your project .


Symfony2 What is it ?

Symfony2 is an MVC PHP Framework (Model-View-Controller) that ensure web application's modularity maintainability and robustness. It is built with different low-level software pieces that can be easily integrated and (re)used into different applications. Symfony2 allows to concentrate on your web application's business part.

Symfony2 also brings to web developers a methodological approach for developing their applications to let them work more efficiently. The use of Good Practices that are part of Symfony2's core is not only a guarantee of stability and maintainability but also of your application's evolutivity.

Last but not least, Symfony2 is represented by a big community of developers and contributors that ensure its success and continuity.


Our Long-Term Contribution

Even if Symfony2 brings a lot to developers, important integration works needs to be accomplished in order to obtain a web application that satisfy your requirements in terms of functionalities and User eXperience (UX). This was our main motivation for developing UCS Ready-to-use, UCS let you start your project faster, reduces development times and improve maintenance and stability.

With UCS your company will take all advantages of a reliable, robust, maintained and transparent solution. UCS lets your concentrate on the development of your core business functionalities while pooling common ones.

Without having to chose it, UCS also brings you a complete and documented development methodology that relies on robust core principles built to ensure maximum of modularity and flexibility.

Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration (CI) is your project's quality guarantee. Continuous Integration consists in checking at each project's development stage, source code integrity and quality. At each architecture evolution and/or modification, a complete test suite is runned in oder to ensure that any new version brought to you do not have major bugs.

Continous Integration is a comfort gain, that cannot and must not be forgotten and that offers maximum of transparency in our services. CI allows you to control each development stages. It ensures that the development is following our methodologies, conventions and your requirements.

Last but not least, it widely make the take over by your development team easier. It should be used for all projects because it ensure an optimal management of your projects' life cycle.